Upward FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions for Titusville League

1. What do I do with the stars ?

The stars are ironed onto the sleeves of the games shirts. Typically the green ones (for practice devotions) go on the right side and the game stars go onto the left side.

To apply the stars onto the basketball shirts (not jerseys), use these instructions to help avoid damaging the garment and to ensure laundering durability.
1. Use an iron set at medium high temperature.
2. Set the iron to no steam.
3. Press using both hands for 15-20 seconds.
4. Do not move the iron back and forth as in ironing, just press down firmly.

2. What time do I need to show up for practices ?

Once your coach tells you which day and time you have practice, it will always be at the same time. There are a few weeks where there will be no practice and those days will be posted on the home page. It is a good idea to show up to practice 5 min early to be ready to start on time. Practices last one hour.

3. What time do I need to show up for games ?

Games will likely always be on Saturday, but the times will vary. The Game schedule will be posted on this web page once it is created. It is a good idea to find your coach about 15 min prior to game time so he can set the lineup. If you are not going to be at the game please let the coach know, especially if it is on picture day.

4. Why do I have to come to evaluations before the game ?

A key part of Upward is making the basketball experience fair and rewarding. Upward evaluates the players prior to the season and gives them a score based on how they evaluated. This score is used as an attempt to create equal and balanced teams. It is also used to matchup the players of equivelent abilities so that a new player of lesser ability is not being covered by a player who may have a lot more experience.

5. What color jersey and shorts do I wear for home and visitor games ?

Colors this year are Maroon and Gray.
Home team color will be Gray and the visiting team color will be Maroon.

6. How do you determine when my child will play ?

Upward follows a strict substitution policy that ensures that every child plays an equal amount of time. The only exception would be if that player were to show up late for a game and miss their slot. The coach has a roster of all his players in an order that never changes. Every six minutes, the next 5 players on the list are put into the game. When the list gets to the end the coach starts back down from the top. Each game the initial 5 players moves by one so everyone will have started approx the same number of games. A player will never sit back to back sessions (unless they were supposed to play in the first one and showed up late)

7. How do you determine who my child will play against ?

As mentioned in question #4, the players are evaluated in the pre-season and given a ranking on how skilled they are. The goal is to match up the players based on skill level. Unfortunately height is not taken into account for the evaluation. To mitigate this, the coaches may agree to switch some of the players around. We still need to try to make a balance between height equality and skill level. In some cases, the height may not even be a factor.

8. Does my child have to remember the scripture to earn a green star ?

No. The green star is simply for the participation of the devotion. We want to use the stars as a form of encouragement for the players, in hopes that they would want to learn their memory verse and be ready to discuss.

9. Are snacks and drinks allowed to be consumed upstairs after the games ?

Yes, as long as the classrooms are kept clean we will allow snacks. We do ask the parents and coaches to make sure that the classrooms are cleaned up before leaving and that the players do not eat at the teachers desk.

10. How are carpool, coach and player request handled ?

As mentioned in question #4, a key to the success of Upward is balancing teams. Whenever a request for a specific coach or to be with a specific player is made, it impacts our ability to do that. In addition, it makes it very difficult to draft teams with all the constraints that go into it. What this means is that we are asking that you no longer make coach and player request and that any carpool requests you make are absolutely necessary.

11. Do I have to know a lot about basketball to coach ?

No. While any knowledge you can gain will be helpful, you do not need to know much about basketball to start coaching. Upward provides every coach with a DVD that contains drills and information to help you along and that is usually sufficient for the younger age groups that are still learning the basics of basketball. In addition you will likely be matched up with a coach who does know about coaching, but may need someone who is strong in leading devotions.